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[19 Nov 2006|07:06pm]
[ mood | high ]

Tjaba.... to lazy to make a real uppdate... for that see my diary at resedagboken (sorry in Swedish only , becuse my english (and my swedish :P) sucks. But if you're a sweed which most of you people on my firendslist are please visit!, and please comment ;) :p )

instead I give you a collage of me and gloomy ^-^ (yeeey)
(no this is DEFINITELY not an excuse to not studying for my test on tuesday........)

and a some (ehm.. okei a LOT of) pictures from Tokyo ;)

and some images from the funniest  lesson ever! (stolen from thérèses resedagboken journal) :

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IKEA + Karaoke + Gin & Tonic = Great day ^^ [08 Oct 2006|02:33am]
[ mood | hung over ]

Yesterday järngänget went to IKEA =) yeeey Sweden-day ^^
It was just like IKEA in sweden only alot smaller :P

then Karaoke ^^ - again - only this time with...

....alcohol <3 which makes it alot diffrent/more fun for me because then
I magicaly starts to sing :S - I can't understand why :P poor funni and chou_kawaii
haha men så blir det om ni beställer in gin och tonic!

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My room ;) [06 Oct 2006|10:47am]
thought I should show you some images off my room now when I live in JAPAN ^__^:
(yes I'm going to write JAPAN in capital letters from now on :P)

a bit messy, yes but I don't have any good storage yet.
I've gotta go to IKEA soon to buy some boxes or something.

+ 7Collapse )

feels nice to finally live ALONE ^^ yey
and strange that the first place were I live on my own is in Japan of all places :S.
okei capital letters ending now :P

then .... because this is Miriam's journal your reading some images of something I bought!!:

bento box desu!Collapse )
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Japan [04 Oct 2006|02:10pm]
[ mood | busy ]

sorry for not posting

I'm to tired and lazy to write in english... read my inlägg i resedagboken om ni vill ha text, har dock inte skrivit mycket där heller än

but here are some pictures...

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TOKYO [01 Oct 2006|11:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm in tokyo now... ^^     

sooon pictures!!

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omgomgomg [29 Sep 2006|08:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm leaving tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to freaking JAPAN......

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almost blondie ^^ [21 Sep 2006|07:46pm]
I bleached my hair yesterday:

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sorry Friends only <3 [21 Sep 2006|06:50pm]
from now on ...

because I wanna know who's reading
probobly no one yet... but still

- till kompisar därute som råkar titta förbi :
SKAFFA EGEN LJ ;) så kan ni läsa om allt spännande som kommer hända mig i Japan ^_-

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ego ego ego ^__^ [16 Sep 2006|07:25pm]
This last weeks (since my birthday) have been great ^^ I'm not going to write about it becasue I'm lazy and because its not that interesting, but it was fun for me :P
worth mentioning though is that I cut my hair last Wednesday ^ ^ yey ... no pic? of course there's pictures! :

later that day me and chou_kawaiwhent to the Japanese ambassy to "fix" our visa
and then we went home and funni came and isit becasue we were suppose to take some photos to put in a farwell-party-mail to send to our friends. we ended up not using them but I'm glad we took the photos:

nails from Thursday

then on Friday:
I bought some more stuff *looks innocent*

- don't look at my like that - I have a new hair cut I NEED new hair stuff ^_^ ;

then I went to my cousin who lives in Hallunda and watched swedish Idol ^^
and then on Saturday we went to Skärholmen ...............................................

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Birthday presents [06 Sep 2006|10:24pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

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[04 Sep 2006|10:39am]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm now 19 !!!!
last year as a teenager :P

My mum are going out of town on monday (on my actual birthday),
so we celebrated me yesyterday instead.

I then went to SF-bokhandeln with Thérèse to look at boardgames ^__________________^

this is what I bought : - yes of course i had to buy something, I'm a boardgame geek HELLO :P

I then went home and played with my little sister (
Thérèse went to see a movie with her brother),
I'm really happy with my purchase, the expansion makes the game soo much better ^^

Later that day
Thérèse came an visit - yey- hehe fanny kallade oss nykära för att vi precis blivit bättre kompisar :) och umgås så ofta ^^
and played Dead or Alive 3 :D - I LOVE that game ^___^
later Fanny aslo came and visit - Järngänget :)  and we rented a movie: Dark Water (the japanese verison of course) - not the best movie but it was okei
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[02 Sep 2006|04:09pm]
on friday I went .... omg *drum roll* SHOPPING :P
with Sofia to buy underwear and to my big surprise I actually found something - yey - 

- sorry no pictures of the underwear :P but here is a picture of a cute bow that was on one of the bras,
but I found it waay too cute that I had to take it of so that I could wear it on my other clothes

with a safety pin sewed behind it

then later that day me and Fanny went to Wollmars to celebrate an old classmate's birthday ^_^  - vilket var mycket trevligt :)


an yes, You guessed right - I went shopping AGAIN - and yes I'm now seeking professional help for my addiction ;P
This time I bought pants ^^ :

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MAD! [31 Aug 2006|09:40pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Went shopping with chou_kawaii ^^

first off we went to clas ohlsson becasue Thérèse needed to buy some things for Japan, like batteries and stuff
like I bought last sunday, which was good because I needed some stuff too that I didn't found last time ^^ -ego-

this is what I bought:

OMG a hairdryer and shaving gel sooo fucking interesting :P

and then we went to a fabric store, were I bought some cute ribbons
to decorate my suitcase with or maby my hair ;P - haven't decided yet -

きれい です ね?

we where then tired and hungry and on our way home, when we went by a comic book store - which we of course had to visit!

this is what i found:

Then we finally went back home to get something to eat (det blev: pasta, pesto, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes -おいしい )  and watched Idol 2006 ^^.
and after that we went to see a movie "The break up"  - it was bad, don't watch it!

- burned CDs with my love Sanna - God devil I am gonna miss her soooo much (and all the other girls of course ^.- )

worked at VINNOVA again but this time with funni  hehe - they can't get enough of us ^^ then I bought some more stuff for Japan - only boring stuff so I don't have any pictures
and then at home I cleaned (I don't know the right word in english, it's "rensade" in swedish :P) my computer and moved everything important to my laptop,
felt really wierd - I mean OMG I'm REALLY leaving - stackars stationära hur ska den klara sig utan mig!?

bye bye . sorry for my bad english :P
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My heritage [29 Aug 2006|11:26am]

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kladd [28 Aug 2006|03:46pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

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<3 [23 Aug 2006|09:16pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

some random "kraffs" - because I really wanted to update ;P
 - baka -

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movies [15 Aug 2006|10:24am]
[ mood | bored ]

Put an X by the movies you've seen. If you get more than 70, you're a movie whore.

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Muffins ^.- [14 Aug 2006|05:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

About a couple of days ago me and Fanny bought som cute cupcake-forms:

and decided to bake together some day, yesterday was that day ^-^
me, chou_kawaii and funni made muffins ^^ YATTA

Everything started out nicely and we made a lot of cute muffins:

but we then found out .... that they were psycho-muffins ;)

After this traumatic experience we had to relax: therefore we sang some karaoke and looked at kat-tun videos ;)

Then Thérèse and I went to my place and eat gyoza ^__^ - oishii
and played board games ^_______________^ I'm sooooo happy that I have found someone more than my sister to play games with ^^
Thank you Thérèse - you're the best! I really enjoy playing games with you <3

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stuff >.> [09 Aug 2006|08:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I've been bad :P I bought some stuff today :P

I'm currently working at the same place funni worked at, VINNOVA, in the reception ^^ and between calls (I'm also working as a telephone exchanger) I tend to get very bored, and then of course I visit LJ ;p , anyway when looking at all the gorgeous pictures of peoples nails I decided to buy some nail stuff for ma own ^^,  (only owned a black and a red nail polish :P)  

and now pictures! :

Then later today my cousin Therese (not chou_kawaii - shes not my cousin ;P) and her boyfriend (sambo) came to dinner ^^ and they brought a "student present" yey ^^
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Dollies, image heavy ^^ [02 Aug 2006|09:46pm]
Pictures of my LDDs ^^

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